10 Inexpensive Ways To Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom

There are many ways you can drastically improve and update the appearance of each room in your home without spending much money. Today, let’s discuss ways to create a more appealing kitchen and bathroom.

10 Inexpensive Updates For Your Kitchen and Bathroom:

  1. impression4aRemove dated wallpaper.  Today’s buyers don’t want to remove wallpaper.
  2. Remove dated curtains.  In most cases I recommend no window treatments for the kitchen and a simple valance in the bathroom.
  3. Remove Visual Clutter.  Otherwise known as “visual noise”, clutter is distracting and increases stress. Remove all the stuff from the top of, and the front of, the refrigerator. Remove the fake plants and decorative stuff above the cabinets. Remove most of what’s on the counter.
  4. Clean Until it Shines.  This includes inside appliances, inside and outside of cabinets and drawers, fixtures, counters, windows and floors.
  5. Eliminate Odors, Don’t Mask Them.  The best way to do this is by cleaning and letting fresh air in. Air fresheners are a bad idea. Not only do they suggest you are trying to cover up an odor, many people have a negative reaction to them.
  6. Fresh Paint.  The best bang for your buck is paint. It creates the most dramatic transformation.
  7. Update Cabinets and/or Hardware.  Even if they are in good condition, the finish may be outdated (think 80’s oak). Paint will make them appear new again. If the finish is in good condition and not dated, new hardware could be all they need.
  8. Update Faucets.  Dated sink and shower fixtures suggest a lack of home maintenance.
  9. Update Light Fixtures.   You can increase the perceived value of your home for very little investment with new lighting.
  10. Buy New Towels.  Creating a spa-like atmosphere adds both visual and emotional appeal.


All of these suggestions are discussed during a Home Staging Consult. 
 A professional Home Stager can provide you with a budget friendly and detailed to-do list specific to your home, including paint color selection.