Staging Tips To Get Your House SOLD

Many sellers who find themselves on the market longer than they planned, blame their house….stating location, or floor plan, or age as the reason potential buyers are not flocking to their door with offers.

Yes, there are homes with “issues” that make them more of a challenge to market…however, the majority of the time it’s the sellers’ lack of preparation that is behind the shortage of buyer interest. Most home sellers have little to no experience in the art of presentation or the psychology of marketing.

If you want your home to sell….you must PREPARE it to sell!

Here are some Home Staging tips to get your house sold using strategic marketing….

1.  Determine who your target buyer is.  Whether they are a single professional, retired couple, or a young family….what features are most appealing to them?

2.  Make improvements.  Dated light fixtures, busy wallpaper, and worn carpet are not appealing to buyers.  The age of your home becomes less of an issue if it appears well maintained.

3.  Define space and function in each room.  Arrange furniture for a smooth flow and spacious feel.  It’s important to remember that what is convenient and comfortable for you, may not represent the most appealing floor plan to potential buyers.

4.  Highlight the positive features.    Most sellers have too much stuff…clutter that makes it impossible for buyers to see and appreciate the hardwood floors, built-in cabinetry, custom trim, stone fireplace, and beautiful view.

Don’t blame the house.
Don’t make excuses.
Make your house both visually and emotionally appealing to buyers and it will sell.


Originally posted as:  Houses Don’t Kill Deals…Sellers Do! Prepare Your Home To Sell