Appearance Alone Does Not Sell A Home

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that I believe in the power of preparation and presentation. Making your home as appealing as possible, prior to listing it for sale, is crucial to a successful sale. That said, I also believe that appearance alone does not sell a home.

Selling a home requires a strategic marketing plan.

Even homes with prime locations that are in excellent condition will still require a lot of work leading up to the final closing.  

Homeowners who attempt to sell their house without the help of an experienced agent are missing a very important part of the puzzle…. a proven, successful marketing plan. 

Without the guidance of an agent who knows the area, a seller’s price and expectations are usually unrealistic. They have less exposure to potential buyers and their house spends more time on the market. 

Trying to sell your own home will cost you in the long run….cost you time, energy and money.  

As a professional Home Stager I can help you improve the visual and emotional appeal of your product for sale, but it takes an experienced real estate agent, marketing your product to as many buyers as possible, to get it sold.

Home Stagers prepare the product and Real Estate Agents market it. It’s a team effort!