Bury The Treasure And You Will Only Attract Pirates

If you’re preparing your home for sale, you must think of it as a product…..a product to be strategically marketed.  Making your product appealing to the most people possible is key to a successful sale.  Think about advertising that you see for other products.  Brand name companies pay advertisers a lot of money to make their products look their best, to increase their market appeal.

It’s very important that your product’s best features are highlighted, not hidden.

The positive features of your home must be obvious, because buyers won’t go looking for them.  Whether it’s MLS pictures or the first impression upon entering the front door, you have only a few seconds to create emotional appeal.

Think of your home’s best features as treasure.   

Hardwood floors are buried treasure  when they are covered with worn and dirty carpet or area rugs.

Custom molding is buried treasure  when it’s hidden behind heavy, dated window treatments.

Built-in bookcases are buried treasure  when they are stuffed full of paperback books and collectibles.

Spacious rooms become buried treasure  when there’s too much furniture crowding the room.

Granite counters and imported tile are buried treasure  in a cluttered kitchen and/or bathroom.

The only buyers that find buried treasure appealing are pirates!

Investors, flippers, people who can visualize and see past all your stuff….these are the people who will be attracted to your listing.  They see the potential, and they count on others not seeing it.  They smell a deal. They offer low or simply wait for the price reductions.

Bury the treasure and you will only attract pirates! 

Originally Posted:  Home Staging Tip – Bury The Treasure & You Will Only Attract Pirates