Buy The New Appliances

If you are listing your home for sale and your appliances are old or in bad shape, buy new appliances! You will save money in the long run.

Many agents will suggest offering an allowance to buyers or promising new appliances at closing.  Allowances and promises are far more expensive for the sellers.  If it were my house….I would buy new appliances prior to listing.

“New appliances” is a marketing PLUS!

Having old appliances and expecting buyers to ignore them because of a promise of new ones is like telling the jury to disregard the shocking testimony the judge just threw out.

Jurors can’t “unhear” the testimony and buyers can’t “unsee” the negative.  If you are going to replace them eventually….replace them now and let them WORK FOR YOU and help sell the house.

Plus, you’ll have complete control over selection and cost. Do you really want to get into negotiations over an appliance allowance with the buyers?

Buying New Appliances Usually Costs Less Than Promising New Appliances