Cleaning Tip: Refresh and Renew Your Stove and Oven

I’ve spent far too much time scrubbing stovetops….and I imagine you have too.

Believe me when I say years of scrubbing various stove grates was wasted time. I wish I had known about this cleaning tip years ago!

I found this wonderful tidbit on Pinterest. It’s an effortless way to clean stovetop grates using ammonia.

I was very skeptical, but OMG the results were amazing!  Practically no scrubbing was needed at all….and the grates looked like new when I was done. 

It’s so EASY!

Place grates in zip lock bags.  Add 1/4 cup ammonia. Let sit 12 hours.  (I let them sit overnight.)  Remove from bags and rinse clean.  Some wiping with sponge may be needed. 

This technique can also be used for cleaning oven racks.  (place inside garbage bags and seal closed with duct tape) 

Note: It’s the ammonia fumes that do the trick, and only a small amount is needed.

If you use too much, it will not work.

For more detailed instructions and some great before and after pics, check out this blog.   Also:  Oven Cleaning

Keep this tip in mind…..

  1. When preparing your home for sale. Impress buyers with a “like new” stove!

2. When you have a listing with an old stove in need of deep cleaning.

3. When you buy a new stove and want to prepare your old stove to sell.