Does Your House Justify The Price Or Justify A Price Reduction?

When listing your house for sale,

it’s important to understand that price is determined by your local market.

The most you can receive for your house is the price that someone is willing to pay for it….the price that someone believes your house is worth. Perception is key.

This is why Home Stagers go on and on about visual and emotional appeal and stress the importance of creating perceived value.

This is why preparation and presentation are so important.

When you get your house ready to show, you should be thinking of it as getting it ready to impress.  

The way you present your house for sale is either going to justify the price

or justify a price reduction.


It’s going to go one of two ways….

Potential buyers will be impressed by the condition of your house, see the value, and believe it is worth the asking price.


Potential buyers will use the condition of your house as a means of getting the price reduced.

You are in control.  As much as it may seem like you aren’t in control of the situation, you actually are.

Sellers who are faced with price reductions are usually the sellers who weren’t willing to make necessary improvements or sellers who priced too high in the first place.

I know….there are exceptions….but generally speaking price and presentation are key.

As you prepare your house for sale,

remember you are working towards the end goal of a justified price!