Each Seller’s Situation Is Different

Each home seller’s situation is different.  Each listing comes with it’s own emotional baggage. The reason for selling may be because of divorce, job relocation, death of a spouse, or simply downsizing/upsizing.

Most sellers are dealing with emotional baggage and are incapable of identifying the areas of their home that need improvement in order to prepare their house for sale.

As a Home Stager in The Seacoast area of New Hampshire my goal is to minimize the negative and maximize the positive features of the house and to do so within the seller’s budget and restraints.

The potential for improvement is always there, most of the time it’s possible to use items already within the home.  Simply moving some pieces of furniture and regrouping decorative accessories can make a world of difference when it comes to defining a room’s space and function and adding valuable square footage.

Each seller’s situation is different, but my goal remains the same….get it SOLD!