First Step To Selling Your House Is Removing The Blinders

Some sellers just aren’t as receptive to the concept of home staging as I would hope.

I had a seller a few years ago who was not at all invested in the process, because his agent had paid for the consultation. This was not the first time I’ve come across this attitude and it won’t be the last.

He had no need for all the preparation and presentation “mumbo jumbo” that I was suggesting.

He believed his home was fine, just the way it was. Buyers would love the positive features enough that they would be blind to the negative.

Love is blind, right?

The problem is….in this case, it’s the seller who is blind, not the potential buyers.  

Blind to the cracked tile.

Blind to the worn, stained carpet.

Blind to the chipped paint and the hole in the front door.

Blind to the lack of space and crowded furniture placement.

Completely blind to the possibility that his home could be perceived as poorly maintained, dated, and in need of work. 

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

In real estate, love at first sight is possible….it’s just not probable when the seller doesn’t put their best foot forward.  Luckily, for this seller, the listing agent has 20/20 vision when it comes to seeing the value in preparation and presentation.  She clearly sees the value in creating a great first impression and a perception of value throughout the home.

The first step to preparing your home for sale is removing the blinders!