Get Market Ready Before You Get On The Market

The importance of having quality pictures when listing your home for sale has been the subject of many blog posts.  For good reason.  MLS photos are typically the first opportunity you have for making a good first impression because most potential buyers begin their search for a new home online.  

In order to have good photos to market your property, you must first take the time to prepare.  Prepare each room to show space and function.  Prepare each room to be as visually and emotionally appealing as possible.  Take the time to prepare.

Many sellers mistakenly make getting on the market their priority when their priority should be getting market ready.

Listing your home prematurely, before it’s “show ready” is basically sabotaging your own sale.  The act of rushing on the market could ultimately keep your home on the market longer than need be.  By the time you realize your mistake, the “days on market” clock is ticking away and price reductions are becoming more likely.

Taking the time to prepare, prior to listing your home, will save you time and money in the long run, increase your chance of selling and decrease your chance of price reductions.

Originally Posted as NH Home Staging Tip – Before You Get On The Market, Get Market Ready