Having Great MLS Photos Should Not Give You An Unfair Advantage

I’ve been a Home Stager in New Hampshire for many years now, and I’m surprised that the quality of MLS photos hasn’t improved very much.  With the growth of the home staging industry and all the media attention I would expect to see a change.

The majority of MLS pictures are still average, or below average, in both visual and emotional appeal.

Most listings I see are not using MLS pictures to their full potential.

 Only a small percentage seem to understand the power of using high quality MLS pictures and the value they have as a marketing tool. 

So….what exactly makes high quality MLS photos so powerful?


Quality photos  REFUSE TO BE IGNORED

Potential buyers skim through MLS pictures at rapid speed.  A listing with great pictures captures their attention and holds it.   

Quality photos  HAVE AN ATTITUDE

They proudly represent both quality and value with confidence. 



Having quality photos is like having a Super Hero on your marketing team…..the competition doesn’t stand a chance!


Obviously, hiring a professional photographer is your best option. 

If you are going to take your own pictures keep these tips in mind…..

Preparation is key. Each room should be clean and furniture should be arranged to show space and function. Keep small items to a minimum, they are distracting in photos. 

The best shot is not always from the doorway. Consider shooting from different angles. Shoot through an open window or stand inside the closet.

Different points of view will make your photos more interesting.  Try standing on a chair, or squatting on the floor. 

Each room should have a positive feature as the focal point. Look for something of interest like a fireplace or built-in shelves.

Lighting can be tricky. For exterior shots keep the sun behind you. It’s much easier to shoot on cloudy days.  For interior shots take shots with lights on and then again with them off.  

Take a lot of pictures of each room so you have plenty to choose from.

Taking a photography class is a good idea to develop technical skill.  Practice makes perfect!

Having great MLS pictures should not give you an unfair advantage….

Having great MLS pictures should be the norm!

But hey, it’s not the norm…..so take that well-deserved advantage and run with it!