Home Buyers Tend To Believe What They See

Home Staging is about creating both emotional and visual appeal.

Within about 10 seconds of a potential buyer stepping through the door an impression of your home is formed.  If that initial impression is a positive one, the buyer continues, room by room, looking for validation….looking for more positive feelings….more reasons to love the home.  The same is true of a negative first impression.

Would you rather have potential buyers walking through your listing looking to validate their good or their bad gut feeling?

Seeing is Believing

Create a positive first impression and potential buyers are more likely to believe the rest of your home will be just as appealing.  

If a buyer sees a home that appears to have been well maintained, the buyer believes the home has been well maintained.

If a buyer sees a home that appears to be spacious and comfortable, the buyer believes the home is spacious and comfortable.

Buyers believe what they see and you, as the seller, control what is seen much more than you realize.


Home Staging Preparation Tips:


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