Home Buyers Want Sweet Dreams, Not Nightmares

As a NH Home Stager I see homes in every possible condition…..some need much more work than others.  No matter what your home’s condition is, it’s important to make it SHOW READY prior to listing it.

One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is to list their home with bad MLS pictures.

Sweet dreams are NOT made of these

Sweet dreams are NOT made of these

Every picture tells a story. Home buyers are looking for a fairy tale, not a horror story!

A quick scan through the MLS and you find many homes that fall into the “frightening” category, literally chasing buyers away, offering nothing but nightmares.

It’s the well maintained, spacious, and emotionally appealing homes that promise sweet dreams and a happy ending!

As you prepare your house for sale, and take MLS photos,  keep in mind that buyers aren’t looking for houses

buyers are looking for Happily Ever After homes.