Is Professional Photography A Waste of Money?

The most important part of real estate marketing is having great MLS photos.  In an attempt to have the best possible photos, many real estate agents provide professional photography as part of their listing service.

If the home is properly prepared prior to it’s photo session, it is money well spent.  However, money spent on professional photos is wasted if the home doesn’t look it’s very best.  A professional photographer shoots what’s there….they don’t usually move things around….it’s not their job.  What you see in the room is what you are going to see in the pictures.

  Focus, lighting, and wide angle lenses, don’t matter if the counters are cluttered, the furniture is crowded and the walls are painted lime green.

If you are going to spend money on professional photos, spend money on professional home staging first….or even better, suggest a home staging consult to your sellers and have them pay for it.  I prefer when the sellers pay for my service because they take it more seriously when they have an investment in it.

Here are some Before and After shots from one of my favorite home staging consults.   I took the Before pics and the After pics are professional.  No question, professional photography is much better.  But….

it would not make any sense to pay a professional to photograph these rooms in their “before” condition.

K Entry K master

Begin with a professional home stager and end with a professional photographer to guarantee the best MLS pictures of your listings!