It’s The Rare Buyer Who Will See A Home’s Potential

Only ten percent of people can visualize.  Ninety percent of buyers are not capable of seeing a home any other way than how it is shown to them. Buyers’ perception of a home’s worth comes from it’s current visual appearance, not it’s future potential.

Home Staging is best known as a tool to help sellers better prepare and present their product by increasing it’s emotional and visual appeal.  It’s most often associated with selling a home, not buying one.

real estate dealBuyers take note… can also benefit from understanding the power of visual appeal. Make an effort to see a home’s full potential, and you can find a deal on a home that other buyers have walked away from.  Look past the clutter…look past the dated furnishings and worn carpet.  Imagine the rooms freshly painted.   Look for good bones, the great features and details, that other buyers didn’t take the time to notice.

It’s a wise buyer who sees past the poor presentation and knows there’s a deal to be had at the seller’s expense.