Make A List of Your Home’s Negative Features Before Listing It For Sale

When you list your home for sale, your agent will usually ask you to list the home’s positive features. As a professional Home Stager in New Hampshire I believe it’s just as important to make a list of all the negative features of your home prior to listing it. ┬áNo, not for your agent and not to be used in marketing, but to be used by you as a home staging tool.

ar137365109382372Nobody knows your home better than you do. You know the areas you wish you could change, and the things that have bothered you over the years.

You know about your home’s failings because you have lived in it. Potential buyers won’t know about your home’s negative features unless there are tell tale signs.

Make a list and then check to make sure there are no red flags making the negative more obvious to buyers.

A coat rack full of coats and sweaters tells buyers there is no coat closet.

A crowded closet tells buyers the closet is too small.

A plastic storage unit in the bathroom tells buyers there is a lack of storage.

Crowded furniture suggests smaller rooms.

These are just some examples of red flags you should be looking for.

Other things include lack of light, water stains from past leaks, space heaters or fans in every room, poor yard maintenance, and dated fixtures.