Most Potential Buyers Are Incapable Of Imagining

Did you know that about ninety percent of potential buyers can’t imagine a home any other way than how it is shown to them? It is true. Only a very small percentage of people can visualize.

Let’s take a moment to really think about that….

If your furniture feels crowded, most buyers are incapable of imagining better furniture placement.

If your walls are painted in very bright colors, most buyers are incapable of imagining a wall color that they would prefer.

If your home has dated wallpaper, most buyers are incapable of imagining the walls freshly painted.

If your floors are in poor condition, most buyers are incapable of imagining new flooring.

If you are lucky enough to get one of those buyers (10 out of 100) who is capable of visualization…

who can see the potential your home offers…

they will also see the inconvenience and cost associated with making those much needed changes.

If they make an offer on your home, it will reflect said inconvenience and cost.

Most potential buyers (90 out of 100) want a home that is ready to move in to, without the time and expense of future improvements.

They are looking for a home that is both visually and emotionally appealing to them.


Most of today’s buyers are looking for an instant Happily Ever After


a delayed Happy After Improvements Are Made