Not All Home Staging Is As You See Portrayed On TV

When you hear “Home Staging” do you immediately think of the TV shows which involve major construction and a truck load of new furniture?

Not all home staging is quite so dramatic. 

Although the end result of real life home staging can be quite impressive, the road to getting there isn’t always as portrayed on TV.

Not all home staging involves vacant properties, or high end properties that require new furnishing.

A lot of home staging involves owner occupied homes…where new furniture is not in the budget and you have to make the best of what’s at hand.

I specialize in Home Staging Consults…

usually lasting two to four hours, and costing less than $300.00.

nh home stagingA consult consists of walking through the home with the sellers, room by room, pointing out everything they can do to increase appeal…to add value…to make the best possible impression on potential buyers.

At the end of a Home Staging Consult, sellers have a detailed plan of action to work from. 

Unlike the TV shows where you see a team of professionals swoop in and transform the home and surprise the owners after it’s completed….owner occupied consults usually involve the owners doing all the work themselves.

The real “magic” happens after I’ve left and the sellers do the homework I’ve assigned to them.

How much of the list they complete is totally up to them. It depends on their physical ability, their living situation, their finances, and their motivation to sell.

Every seller and every home is different.

It’s always exciting to see the results of their hard work.

More times than not I’m very proud of what my clients accomplish and it’s very satisfying knowing I had something to do with it.