Prepare and Present The Foyer So Buyers Will Want To See More

One of the most overlooked areas of the house when homeowners prepare to sell is the foyer or main entry area.

It is where I begin all of my Home Staging Consultations and for a good reason.

The first few seconds after a potential buyer enters a house are very important. Buyers wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t already seen something they liked. They must have had a positive reaction while reviewing mls photos or they wouldn’t have scheduled a showing. Now that they are physically there, it’s time to really impress them.

A buyer’s first reaction when they walk in a house is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the showing. Whether they like or dislike what they first see, they will continue along looking to validate that initial gut response.

When they walk in and love it, they look for more to love. 

When they walk in and are disappointed, they look for more reasons to dislike it.

It doesn’t take much to “stage” the entry way. Usually a good cleaning and fresh paint is all that is needed. 

It’s important to show that the home has been well maintained. Repair or replace anything worn or damaged…woodwork, fixtures, flooring etc.

A new light fixture can add value at very little cost.

Sometimes it’s more about removing than it is adding….

Coat racks are usually a bad idea, especially if covered with coats. You don’t want a buyer’s first impression to be that there is a lack of closet space.

You certainly don’t want to highlight the fact that there is no closet at all.

The same goes for shoe storage. Remove all shoes and boots that are stored by the door.


 You really want to create as much space as possible. Most people have too much furniture. 

 It’s best to remove most furniture just inside the door to create a more spacious feel.

A piece of artwork or nice mirror over a small table is usually a good choice.


Fresh paint, removal of the dog crate and bench, and reducing and updating the accessories

resulted in a newer, brighter look for this foyer.

Create both visual and emotional appeal right from the get go…

preparing and presenting the entry makes buyers want to see more!