Preparing Your Home For Sale? Think of The Rainbow Fairy.

A couple of years ago, at my grandson’s nursery school Halloween party, I captured a picture of a very special little girl. The one and only girl in the class who did NOT dress as Elsa. (from the Disney movie Frozen)

Unlike all the other girls, this wise-beyond-her-years girl wanted to be a Rainbow Fairy. When asked why she wasn’t wearing the very popular Elsa costume she responded: “I don’t want to be like everyone else“.

As a professional Home Stager, I can’t resist the opportunity to point out the real estate analogy here.  I stress to all my clients who are preparing their homes for sale the importance of standing out from the competition.

I tell my sellers to imagine buyers touring potential homes. The first 5 homes all have signs of everyday life….over-stuffed closets and cabinets, for example.  Messy closets are not going to be a deal breaker, especially if all the homes have them. However, if home #6 has organized closets and neat kitchen cabinets it stands out….when something is different, it makes a memorable impression. In the case of organized closets…a POSITIVE memorable impression!

Preparing your home for sale?  Think of the Rainbow Fairy…

Stand out from the competition.