How can Home Staging help you?

Home Staging benefits all properties – irrespective of price, location, style, or condition.


  • your sellers fully understood the concept of making a positive impression and were committed to presenting a “show ready” home?
  • your sellers were made aware of negative messages their house was sending to buyers and were willing to address them?
  • your sellers were inspired to action?
  • you no longer had to deal with issues of odor, cleanliness, and seller attitude because your marketing plan included someone else for those duties?



  • clearly outlined for your sellers what had to be done to make their house market ready.
  • identified all the negative messages the house is sending to buyers and provided solutions to resolve them.
  • inspired your sellers to action and made theoverwhelming” appear completely manageable.
  • educated your sellers on “buyer perception” and exactly why improvements are needed.

No need to wonder “What if?” any longer…

the time to let someone else make your job a little easier is now.

Your “someone else” is a Professional Home Stager and all the services stated above are part of a basic Home Staging Consult.

Many agents find it difficult to suggest home staging to their clients. Fear of insulting them and misconceptions about expense are two of the most popular reasons.


Here is what I suggest you say….

“Staging is a marketing tool that I suggest for all my listings to give them a competitive edge.  It has nothing to do with personal taste or style, it’s all about presentation.  The proper preparation and presentation increases our odds of getting an offer sooner.

I have a stager that I highly recommend to all my sellers.  She will outline everything you need to know to prepare your house for sale,  giving you a detailed to-do list to get your property more exposure and less time on the market.  A two-hour consult is only $xx.xx.

What number is best for her to call, and what time of day do you prefer she call you?”

Printable PDF of “How Can Home Staging Help You?”


Printable Marketing Tools for Realtors:

The following promotional pdf documents are available for your use in listing presentations and listing packets.  Feel free to print these documents and give them to your clients who are interested in learning more about the advantages of having a Home Staging consult.

Documents to use to Suggest Home Staging – 

 Professional Home Staging Advantage 

 Basic Explanation of Home Staging


Free Staging –  This document is used when you want to use staging to be competitive, to get the appointment, or to win the listing.  It states that your listing services include two free hours of staging.  Print this document on your company letterhead or attach your business card at the top.     View/Print Handout