Reclaim Wasted Space In Your Home

With a little organization you can reclaim valuable space that is being wasted in your home.  You won’t believe how much space you can create by simply getting rid of stuff you no longer need, and designating a place for everything else.

“A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”

Whether it’s a drawer, closet, or entire room….if the space is limited it’s best to make the most of it.

Pantry b&a 2

When “stuff” takes over, rooms feel smaller. Defining each room’s purpose, and limiting what’s in the room to that purpose, will make a room appear larger.

Easier said than done? Sure, but well worth the effort.

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The key is tackling one small area at a time. People get overwhelmed because they dwell on the whole picture… how much needs to be done.  Pick a room and then pick a section of that room to begin with. Once you finish that area, move on to another until that one room is done. As you complete each section, the satisfaction you feel will motivate you forward to the next.

collage mud room

Baby steps….one bite at a time….divide and conquer.

Break it up into individual, manageable battles and before you know it you will have won the war!