Sectional Furniture – Divide and Conquer

Most sellers are not in a position to buy all new furniture just to make their home look better to potential buyers.

Regardless of what condition or size the furniture is, there is usually a way to make the best of it. Whenever possible I help sellers use what they have on hand.

Literally, the biggest issue I deal with is sectional furniture…usually overwhelming the room.

As comfortable and convenient as it may be for the family, sectional furniture can make presenting a home for sale more difficult…restricting traffic flow and making the room appear much smaller.

The solution, when possible, is to divide and conquer. Splitting the pieces up and arranging them in a more traditional pattern will help potential buyers see the room as more spacious.

Here is one example:

BEFORE:  Sectional sofa and two mismatched recliners were the only furniture in the room.


AFTER: We removed three of the sectional pieces and added a coffee table which I found in the basement.  We kept the better looking recliner and moved the other to the basement.


The sectional pieces that were removed were used on the other side of the room to form a sitting area in front of the fireplace. (It had been being used as a children’s play area.)


We started out with a lack of furniture in one half of the room (there were only toys in front of the fireplace) and furniture overwhelming the other half of the room. The agent originally suggested removing the sectional and bringing in a sofa for in front of the television and a couple of chairs for in front of the fireplace.

The homeowners were not happy about the potential cost of buying or renting furniture and had nowhere to store the sectional.

By dividing the sectional we conquered the problem!