Successful Sale

It Takes Five Keys To Unlock The Secret To A Successful Sale

Today’s buyer is doing their research online.  It’s more important than ever to be an informed and prepared seller.  Doing your homework and strategically marketing your house, with help from the right professionals, is the fastest way to a successful sale.

Don't List Until You're ReadyListing before the house is 100% ready is a mistake that you will regret.  Many sellers are talked into premature signing by realtors who are afraid of losing the listing. 

  “You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.”


Choose your realtor wiselyDo they have an online presence?  What marketing tools do they bring to the table? Check out websites and ask for references.  Check the references.  Check their listings online.  Don’t hire a realtor with bad MLS photos!  

 Don’t make your selection based on commission.


Consult with a home stagerA home staging consultation will arm you with the information you need to make your house more appealing to buyers.  Home staging increases perceived value and will help to justify your asking price. 

 Home staging is not decorating, it’s marketing.


Use quality photosAlmost all buyers start their search online.  The photos of your house will determine whether you get calls for showings or potential buyers pass by your listing.  Do not underestimate their power!

Your photos are your greatest marketing tool.


Maintain staged conditionOnce the house is ready, it needs to be available for showing at a moment’s notice.  It requires extra work on your part…but the alternative is staying on the market for a much longer period of time. 

 Every day on the market costs you money.