The Thing Buyers Want That Sellers Should Not Provide

Home buyers don’t want to pay full asking price, they want to pay below asking price.  As soon as a buyer finds a home they like, they start looking for ways to justify a low offer.  Ironically, it’s most often the seller who provides them with exactly what they are looking for.   

Common reasons buyers use to justify a low offer include:

Kitchen or bathroom needs updating.

Flooring or carpeting needs replacement.

Appliances need replacement.

Interior and/or exterior need paint.

Dated wallpaper needs to be removed.

In a price negotiation situation, based on these types of improvements, the buyer has the advantage.  The monetary amount they reduce the price by will far exceed the actual cost of the needed improvement.  

Smart sellers address all improvement issues prior to listing.  By doing so they have control over selection and cost, and they eliminate the risk of getting a low offer that they have no choice but to accept. 

The one thing that buyers are looking for that sellers should not provide is justification to lower the price!