Tips For Decorating Bookcases & Shelves

Too often bookcases and built-ins become a convenient catch-all.  They get over stuffed with books, magazines, remotes, dvd’s, photos, and collectible figurines.   The contents of the shelves remain there, not because of value or sentimental attachment, but because the homeowner doesn’t have the time to sort through them and has no clue how to decorate the shelves.

Bookcases are not just for books, adding interesting and colorful pieces is a good idea.  It’s best to think “less is more” however.  You don’t want your shelves to look like a place where knick-knacks and tchotchkes go to die.

Start by completely clearing the shelves.  Next step is determining what will be kept and what will be discarded.  (Trash, donate, or sell)

Choose medium to large size items, rather than a bunch of really small items. 



When placing books, stand some up and stack some on their side.  A shelf can have any combination of books and decorative pieces or just one or the other. 


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