Tips For Reducing Laundry Room Odors

I’ve had many Home Staging consults where I’ve had to address unpleasant odor in the laundry room.

bad smellUsually full of dirty clothing, that sits behind closed doors for days, it’s not surprising that these small areas develop an odor.

Whether it’s a musty smell coming from the washing machine or body odor from the clothing, it’s not pleasant and a real turn off to potential buyers.

Most sellers that have odor in their laundry room are surprised when I mentioned it.

People get used to their own environment and things like this go unnoticed.  Potential buyers, however, will notice and they won’t like it.  Odor is not something people tend to overlook and can be a deal breaker if your home is listed for sale.

Tips for reducing odor in your laundry room:

Don’t try to mask odor with air fresheners.  It only makes it worse.

Wash down the entire room…. the washer, dryer, shelving, and floors. Pine-Sol is what I recommend because most people associate it’s scent with cleanliness.

Get as much fresh air in the room as possible.

The most obvious tip….don’t let the laundry pile up and sit for an extended period of time.

If there is a cat litter box in the room, make sure it’s kept fresh.  Always remove it for showings.

If you have a utility sink that is not used often, make sure to run water now and then.  If the drain gets too dry, it will produce a terrible odor.

Tips for reducing odor in your washing machine:
Remove wet clothes promptly.

Give the inside a quick wipe after each use.  Keeping it dry will prevent mildew.

Leave the machine lid or door open between loads so it can dry out.  (Keep closed for showings)

Clean the inside and dispensers periodically with vinegar/water to remove odor causing residues.  Clean the rubber seal around the door.

Most front loading machines have a “pure cycle” sanitizing feature that should be done once a month.  It’s simply running the machine without clothing or detergent.

To sanitize top loading machines:  Run the machine without clothing or detergent, using hot water and a quart of bleach or white vinegar.

Originally posted:  NH Home Stager Tips For Reducing Odor In Your Laundry Room