Transform Your Pillows With These Easy DIY Pillow Covers

Whether your pillows are worn, stained, or you are just plain sick of them….it’s easy to transform them into brand new pillows.

It’s so fast and easy, and inexpensive, that you can change out your pillows for the seasons….even change them for each holiday!

The first transformation requires a sewing machine, but it’s very easy.  If you can sew a straight line, you can make these covers. (actually, a straight line isn’t even required)

First step is to determine what size to cut your fabric.

Measure your pillow.  Mine is 20 x 20.

Add 1″ to the width.

Double the length and add 6″.

 So, for my 20 x 20 pillow, I cut the fabric 21″ x 46″.

Next, create a hem at both of the two short ends of the fabric.

Simply fold fabric 1/4″ and press with an iron. Fold 1/4″ again and press with iron.  Sew.

Repeat at other end.


Lay fabric right side up and place your pillow on top.

Bring bottom end of fabric up over pillow.

Bring top end of fabric over pillow to cover and overlap the bottom end.

Pin the fabric in place where it overlaps and carefully remove the pillow.

Pin both sides and sew closed, 1/2″ from the edge.

Place pillow inside!

This next pillow cover is REALLY EASY!

All you need is a piece of material that is square and larger than your pillow.

For my example, I used a scarf, folded in half.

It’s not even a perfect square, but it worked great.

Lay pillow on fabric with fabric in diamond position.

Bring top and bottom together and tie in a knot. Tuck tie pieces under knot.

Bring sides together and tie in a knot.  Done!

Just think about the possibilities for the holidays!!!!

TIP:  It’s a good idea to wash and iron fabric BEFORE making pillow covers.