What Will Buyers See When They Look At Your Listing?

“The ayes have it” , or in other words….. all those who voted in favor have won the vote.

If you intend to sell your New Hampshire house you need all the positive votes you can get!

Today’s buyers use their eyes to begin shopping online for a house.  This is why MLS pictures are so important.  Buyers won’t call for a showing if your MLS pictures don’t catch their eye.

Selling your New Hampshire house requires emotionally appealing pictures that stand out from the rest….strategic visual marketing.

Pictures say more to a buyer than words ever could. Each room should be clearly defined, clutter free, and appear as spacious as possible.  Positive features should be highlighted.  Light, focus and angle are very important and could determine whether someone wants to take the next step to see your house in person.

MLS pictures are a marketing tool.  They should work for you not against you.

Buyers will choose their new home based on what they see.  The EYES have it!!