Whether Positive Or Negative A First Impression Cannot Be Changed

Preparing a home for sale is important because most buyers can’t see potential. Buyers will determine a home’s value based on what is presented to them…what they see with their own eyes.

A home is only worth what a buyer thinks it’s worth. Buyer’s perception starts with their first impression…that feeling they get as they search their local MLS or when they first walk into a house.

A potential buyer’s initial reaction to a house is instantaneous. It’s from the gut, something they have no control over. It’s based on what they see, and smell and hear.

First impressions are emotional, involuntary and uncontrollable.

Whether positive or negative, a first impression is lasting and cannot be changed.

Once that first impression is made buyers will look to validate their perception of the house throughout the showing…looking for things to confirm it.

How the home was prepared will determine whether buyers are looking to validate positive or negative feelings!